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Turnkey SEO optimization

Please carefully study our approach to SEO optimization in the gambling market of India.
We guarantee a unique and non-standard approach, we know all the subtleties and inefficiencies of gaming products.


Turnkey SEO optimization


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Typically, every brand in the gambling industry begins its journey by attracting customers on a partnership model.
Moreover, there may be completely different sources of traffic. This can be advertising on social networks, gray ads on search networks or even mobile applications. Particularly desperate brands buy "schematic" traffic that pays off.

Gradually, brand owners are noticing the trend that the best traffic with the most re-deposits from players comes from partners who supply organic traffic.

This is always of interest to brands.

After all, the statistics of organic traffic is dozens of times superior to all other sources. And here the turning point in the work of the company begins.

Teams are beginning to look for ways to drive as much organic traffic as possible. Facilitate the site, increase download speed, make new sections and correct markup, actively blog, buy mentions of your product on other sites, buy places in the rankings.


Even if it is a separate team, it is a great resource for administration and cost control.

But at some point, each brand has a moment of "glass ceiling". When competitive resistance in the market does not allow to increase volumes. The company buys more and more links, writes more and more good texts, optimizes everything to the maximum, and traffic does not grow.

What's next?

At this point, it is time for completely unusual actions, which we are well aware of. For products, a large network of sophisticated donor satellites and unique placements should be set up to boost growth.

Our methods are 100% secure and do not conflict with Google's rules. They are to decentralize the collection of traffic to your product, and most importantly - they do not cannibalize your efforts, but only complement them.


We do not want to disclose all the cards to the public. But let's hint - your product has a lot of selling points that are interesting to users, but you forget about them.

If you want us to create a plan for active organic promotion for you - order an audit of your product from us.

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