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Yes, our job is to beat Google. Fool his algorithms so that he recognizes your site as the best.

But we wholeheartedly support Google's approach to content and link quality criteria.

We produce only quality content.

Our team includes 15 high-quality copywriters. The team of our writers is a former Forbes editor in one of the countries of Eastern Europe. Our texts pass 3 checks before publication. We even fire people for poor work with the text. Our team is a fan of quality content. And Google is grateful to us for that.

Content should be interesting, high quality and useful.

Only in this case, Google recognizes it as valuable.

A separate issue is links to your sites.

We now have more than 40,000 sites in our database. With each of them we have direct contact with the webmaster. We have been collecting this base all our professional life. All the time we have spent tens of millions of dollars on links and we have good discounts on links. We have links from all over the world and our link builders have a good reputation.

We always turn the links on the right websites. Resource selection, content, editor and placement control are our issues. You don't have to worry about anything.

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