It seems that you have begun to forget about the good old PR

How to PR your gambling brand in India?

We will tell all the best news about your brand in the best places


PR in Gambling


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You seem to have forgotten about the good old PR.

We want to remind you that you must always tell your audience about your strengths and achievements to strengthen your brand.

Did the player win a large sum? Post an article about it.
We will conduct a professional journalistic interview with him, we can even record him on video, translate it into English and Hindi and publish it in the relevant media.

Good PR has not stopped anyone

Yes, in India it is difficult to negotiate with news resources to publish such material. But we can! We have already done it 100 times.
Your material will easily reach resources with millions of coverage, strengthen your brand, and provide link strength for your site.

We recommend doing this at least once a month and you will see great results.

Need a hint?

If you do not know what you want to tell the world about your product, your games, your achievements or your players - just give us this task and we will solve everything.

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