Launch a network of telegram channels for your gambling project in India

How to use Telegram in the Indian gambling market?

We know how to use Telegram effectively in the Indian gaming market. No budget drains, only long-term strategies


Telegram traffic for gambling


More than 2


Since 2020


Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in India.

But as we can see, most casino brands use it very rudely and incorrectly. Direct advertising in the telegram is extremely ineffective!

Our partner base has monopolies in the field of the largest telegram channels and we have very cool discounts on placement.

The service we offer is more complex than simple advertising.

We offer you to create a network of telegram channels. Own channels of various topics - sports, shock content, automotive content, movie content, motivation, etc .. We have content and stable posting, running ads on channels and between your own channels.

What's next?

When we gather a loyal audience for you in the channels, we will also launch a thematic gambling channel, where we will transfer the entire audience, publish interesting materials for players and tell them about bonuses. As a result, you will receive the right loyal audience and the most effective advertising from the telegram.

This is the only way it works.

Let's work