Working with influencers in the gambling market of India

How to use influencer marketing in the Indian market?

We know strong approaches to working with influencers in India. This market is not very simple. Let us help you understand this


Gambling influencer marketing


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Since 2020


In total, we have a base of 10,000 influencers from India. But there is a little "but".

It's not a simple market

Influencers in India do not like to participate in the promotion of gambling brands. For several reasons:

1. The legal status of gambling in India has not been fully determined
2. This is a reputational risk for influencers

Indian celebreties

But we know a few ways to connect with large coverage. There are many Indian celebrities who live outside of India but are very popular in India.
That's why we try to sign contracts with them. And these are very cool contracts, because these influencers have a lot of trust from the Indian audience.

What's next?

Another area of ​​work with influencers is native integrations or game integrations. Short inserts from YouTubers. We have our own database of bloggers loyal to such activities and we work with that.

By the way, if you are interested in sponsorship packages, we can also pick up for you a large number of events, conferences, online events, where you can get a cool sponsorship package.

Just describe your goals to us and we will make a mistake for you with the best influencers, YouTubers or events.

Let's work