Branding integration in p**n, how does it work?

Your brand in XXX videos

We are very active in working with adult actors and know the effectiveness of such work in the Indian market. Contacts and contacts with all popular artists are available to us. Believe me, it is very effective


XXX brand integrations


More than 12


Since 2020


As we have already said, the Indian market is quite non-standard.

In some places it is too regulated and it is very difficult to place brand advertising. But there is content that gives very large coverage for the whole of India and is relatively inexpensive. Yes, it's p**n.

Popular adult-tagged videos sometimes garner more than 20 million views.

For you, we can negotiate with actors and directors. We can integrate your game into a love scene script, we can dress the actors in your merch, we can hang a banner on the wall, and we can write a promo code in the video.


This has a very good effect on brand traffic and visibility. And most importantly - these videos will generate traffic for you for years.

With more than 20 actors in our database, they are constantly collaborating with each other and a stable placement in this area will give a very good result for your brand.

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