How to use the power of pirates to promote your brand?

Brand promotion on pirate sites

We can organize for you advertising integrations in popular movies, TV series and movies that are adored in India


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Integration of advertising into voice acting movies in the Indian market

On average, every Indian watches 1 movie a day. Yes, they love movies.
In India, people watch movies at home, at work, on the road, behind the wheel, on the go. This is such a continuous process…

The demand is incredible!

The demand for film products there is incredible. But… They have a habit - to do it on pirate services.

Many foreign films are not translated into Hindi. And those who translate - at the moment fly away on torrents.

What's an opportunity?

We have the opportunity to order the dubbing of world cinema in Hindi and spread this content on torrents. It's also a very cheap million reach audience that will work for your brand. Because in the process of voice acting we can insert advertising integrations into the film, short videos at the beginning of the film, in the middle and at the end will tell about your brand.

The method is pirated, the result is royal.

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